Rolf Neuweiler

Principal & Consulting CFO

“Keep your ship on course.”

Consulting CFO

Both the right and left hands to your organization

As your “right Hand,” I am your navigator, keeping a company on course, charting its future, with financial strategies and information. As your “left Hand” I  keep businesses in good health like a “family doctor,” serving as a liaison to professional advisors, management and employees.

In crises, I come to your rescue as a financial “fireman.”  In turbulent waters, I give leadership a sense of peace and control, and the feeling that their financial house is in order. I improve and manage financial and administrative areas, so the owners are free to focus on leading their businesses. They also get more free time.

With more than 30 years of diverse financial experience, I can protect, strengthen and advance an organization. I serve small to mid sized businesses, family offices, and non-profit organizations. Being part of a company’s growth is my goal, mission, and joy.

Highly Skilled & Experienced

I have been a financial executive in various industries both domestic and international. I worked for a $12 billion mutual fund company, owned by the Princely Family of Liechtenstein. I managed its North American audit function. As a Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo, I built and managed the national Financial Administration practice, serving wealthy individuals with at least $100 million net worth. I have Big 4 CPA experience with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Switzerland, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. For 10 years, I have been an independent CFO and consultant.

My Process

Financial Fireman

Correcting the PAST

When a company faces problems such as cash flow issues, late tax returns, messy books and audits, I roll up my sleeves to put out fires as a hands-on CFO. I build new control and reporting systems while educating staff, executives and board members. For example, I reduced an organization’s monthly reporting cycle from 6 months to 15 days, by making the routine routine, with new procedures for healthy habits. I transform financial disorder to order, moving your business to the next level.

Left Hand

Advising for the PRESENT

I highlight key information for leaders to review, strategize and execute. By working on site, within your system, I provide solutions to financial problems, unique to your organization and industry norms. I offer oversight to your accounting, finance, HR and IT functions. (“family doctor” – keeping a company healthy.) Accounting is a story-telling tool for any organization. The financial information gives clues to what’s ailing a company, allowing me to diagnose and prescribe with my objective perspectives. As a liaison, coordinator, and collaborator, I work with all your key advisors, such as attorneys, accountants, and bankers.

Rolf Neuweiler A2ZCFO, fractional CFO, outsourced CFO consultant, offers onsite or online accounting for audited or growth companies. (image: shaking hands)

Right Hand

Navigating to the FUTURE

I first create databases capturing information for ease of use and compliance. Next I prepare a one-year budget, then we move on to a 2-5 year forecast, bringing management in alignment with your business goals. Then, for the longer term, as your internal advisor, we strategize to increase cash, sales, and profitability, all the while preparing the business for exit (strategies) when appropriate, with ESOPs, family transition and sales.

Keep your ship on course

As your right and left hands, I keep your ship on course.  For a free analysis, please call me at (925) 216-5058 or email me at

Rolf Neuweiler A2ZCFO, fractional CFO, outsourced CFO consultant, offers onsite or online accounting for audited or growth companies. (image: conference table)


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