Rolf Neuweiler, A2ZCCFO Consultant will be your right & left hand, navigating to your success, vision, and exit. (image: meeting at desk, looking at reports)


We are financial management partners for small to mid sized businesses, non-profit, and family offices, as both strategic advisors and hands-on doers.  As your outsourced Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), we can be project-specific or long term partners, keeping your ship on course.  We adjust to your needs, whether it is on a part-time, interim, or full-time basis.

We are trusted advisors, providing clarity to your financial goals. We are creative problem solvers, providing a sounding board for your challenges.  We build financial infrastructure and processes for your success to increase cash, profitability and sales. We are coordinators and collaborators with your other professionals. We provide accounting, finance, HR, and IT management services, so you can focus on your business. We empower you to reach your vision, with in-house implementations of system design, internal controls, financial reporting, compliance, administrative, and supervisory duties, all the while preparing you strategically for a successful exit when the time is right.

Call us when you need help with any aspect of financial management from A to Z.

Additionally, we help with administrative functions & exit strategies.

Strategic Advisors:

  • Financial strategist
  • Projections / future plans
  • Experience in advising CEOs
  • Short and long term engagements
  • Budgeting, cash flow

Inside Doers:

  • Senior level executive
  • Team-player
  • Trainer
  • Supervisor
  • Expert administrator

Collaborators with Other Advisors:

  • Banking
  • Legal
  • HR
  • M&A
  • Insurance
  • IT

  • Cost reduction
  • Risk management
  • Tax strategies
  • Compliance with legal, financial and tax reporting
  • Build financial reporting systems
  • Monitor business performance
  • Crisis management

  • Accounting, treasury, finance
  • HR & Payroll, IT
  • Financial information / data / statement
  • Plan execution
  • Management

  • Tax
  • CPA
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Executive coach
  • Wealth managers
  • Key employees and directors

  • Business growth & transitions
  • Objective perspectives
  • Independent analysis
  • Expert assessment
  • Exit strategies

Rolf Neuweiler

Principal & Consulting CFO

“Keep your ship on course.”


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