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(image: Virtual Meeting Online), Get Ready for the Post-COVID-19 Business Reality, by Rolf Neuweiler A2ZCFO illustrates Digital Transformation Post COVID-19

Get Ready for the Post-COVID-19 Business Reality

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By Rolf Neuweiler 03-28-2021

Digital Transformation Post COVID-19 in the business world will see continued changes in digital transformation, DTC, platform model, brand building and digital marketing. Get Ready for the Post-COVID-19 Business Reality As more and more people are getting vaccinated in the US, and offices are starting to reopen beginning of this summer in 2021, it is […]

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7 signs of internal fraud and unethical practices by businesses, nonprofits, organizations. By Rolf Neuweiler, Rolf Neuweiler, A2ZCFO (image: broken chess set)

The Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse: How To Spot Moral Meltdowns in Organizations

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By Rolf Neuweiler 11-01-2019

In the book “The Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse” by Marianne Jennings, JD., these seven signs are listed for spotting an organization’s ethics crisis that can bring down corporations like Enron and other businesses and nonprofits: Pressure to maintain the business numbers  Culture of fear and silence  A “bigger than life” CEO and awe-struck direct […]

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Good bookkeeping & accounting practices help avoid financial and management pitfalls for a growing small business, Rolf Neuweiler, A2ZCFO (image: money pitfall)


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By Rolf Neuweiler 02-21-2019

In January 2019, I talked about financial and management pitfalls for growing small businesses at a professional networking group meeting. Last month in Part 1 of the two parts, we first focused on potential pitfalls related to lacking strategic goals and skills. Here in Part 2 I am listing some pitfalls related to leadership, internal […]

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