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Lafayette Professionals Group

Lafayette Professionals Group Meeting May 1st, 2019, 5:30pm


By Rolf Neuweiler 03-13-2019

One thing is certain … CHANGE! Change is always happening; but now with more velocity than ever. We invite you to learn about changes in the law, fraud protection and the local and national economy at a presentation hosted by Mechanics Bank and Lafayette Professionals Group. Changes Join us at Mechanics Bank, 3640 Mt. Diablo […]

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Personal finance budgeting is a healthy habit to establish credit & achieve financial accountable. Rolf Neuweiler A2ZCFO (image: financial accounting goals)

Personal financial budgeting

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By Rolf Neuweiler 06-06-2018

We all have heard these:  “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”  “Save money for a rainy day.” “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” However, about ⅔ of Americans do not budget. Many live paycheck to paycheck. Financial stress often spills into relationships and family life.   Budgeting is about intentional spending and mindful living. Budgeting […]

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In tax reform bill from Congress, what business meals are and are not deductible for a tax deduction? Rolf Neuweiler A2ZCFO (image: business lunch)

New Tax Law – Are “Meals” and “Entertainment” Still Deductible?

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By Rolf Neuweiler 03-05-2018

In the tax reform bill Congress approved last December, entertainment, amusement, or recreation or any expenses with respect to such a facility do not qualify for a tax deduction. Where does this leave “meals”? I have received many questions asking if meals are still deductible. Companies’ Holiday Parties: 100% Deductible Employee Only / Holiday Parties […]

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Rolf Neuweiler A2ZCFO offers financial projection, budgeting, cash flow, accounting, bookkeeping for CEOs, small businesses as an outsourced CFO (image: hands)

CFOs & CPAs Work in Synergy to Optimize Tax Strategies and Savings

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By Rolf Neuweiler 10-27-2017

Maximizing tax savings for a company and its owner requires teamwork between both its CFO and CPA, each contributing different perspectives, skills, and functions. However, many business owners believe that they do not need a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) when they have a tax CPA. There is good reason for this confusion as some CFOs […]

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There are preparation & precautions for accounting system conversions, but each is unique to your organization. Rolf Neuweiler A2ZCFO (image: accounting loop)

How to Convert Accounting Systems Successfully – Steps, Precautions, and Preparation

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By Rolf Neuweiler 09-30-2017

As with all business systems, accounting software and systems become outdated and inappropriate for a company’s growing needs.  There is always a great deal of excitement and anxiety when implementing a new accounting package.  Throughout my career I have been involved with many system conversions.  Time and time again these conversions often seem to be […]

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