A2ZCFO helps clients comply use tax requirement by reviewing business processes to properly report and pay use taxes. Rolf Neuweiler A2ZCFO (image: piggy bank)

You saved the sales taxes on your recent business purchase. Are you sure? You may owe Use Tax!

In today’s electronic shopping world, businesses can purchase goods with a click of a button.  Many times, items are purchased from out of state vendors, thru the internet, or under sales tax exemption certificates resulting in the vendor NOT collecting sales tax.  However, with the concept of use taxes, you still may owe taxes to your State.  For example, if your business uses, gives away, stores or consumes any item that is not utilized in manufacturing or resale, your business would require paying as explained in this California Franchise Tax Board article.

I help clients comply with requirements by reviewing and developing business process to capture information to properly report and pay use taxes.  In addition, I guide clients thru sales tax audits, which many times are specially targeting compliance.

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